Aug 23, 2009

ClicksPayCash Payment Proof

My first payment from ClickPayCash.

If you are not a member yet. Join ClickPayCash now!.
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Aug 18, 2009


So i found a new site from one of my Socints friends and decided to check it out. It sounds pretty promising and I've found that other members have been paid so I'm hoping I get my share soon. I've done about 5 tasks since I've signed up. Now I wish I was in States so that I would be able to do the others! But it's all good. Here's the info I'm sure you'd like to know. And please just click on the banner to join. It will take you to a new page.

1. Employers post jobs and select cost
2. Workers accept jobs and finish tasks
3. Employers get results, Workers get paid

EMPLOYERS (Ask people to help you!)
— Blog about your product
— Post reviews to forums
— Add you to Facebook
— Follow you on Twitter
— Digg your website
— Complete a survey
— and much more...

WORKERS (get paid to help!)
— Browse micro jobs
— Select jobs you like
— Finish tasks & submit proof
— Earn money
$1.50 Sign up bonus
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Aug 16, 2009

Old Sites Re-activated

I've been a member of the following 2 sites for a long time now and back then I would get frequent payments from them, that was around 2-3 years ago so I don't think I have the payment proofs anymore I will try and check with my old earning blog though. If you have doubts you can search them up at Google and you'll find out that they are real legit sites that pay. I've decided to be active in them again =) Go and check them out! I have referrals there but none of them are active anymore so I need some new ones. I'll willing to do a referral exchange so just leave a comment if your interested! No Minimum Payout

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Aug 15, 2009

Pink is Love

Ok nevermind! I LOVVEEE my current header banner! That's my family up there :)

I'm still not satisfied with my blog layout. I like it for now cause it's PINK!!There was one that I liked. It had 4 columns but I was unable to bookmark the page and since my brother's delete the history of our browsers everyday I have to search for it all over again. I'm planning on purchasing a domain name just for this earning blog. But maybe not for now as I currently have 2 domains I'm still managing. I've been googling alot lately trying to find more stuff to add to this blog's sidebars. Most of the links I've signed-up for requires approval before being accepted so I have to wait .. I'm going to put up subpages soon. I just need to sign up for a free hosting somewhere first. I don't want to use my domain's space that's why ..I'm working on the header for now. The graphic of the couple is too cheesy. I wouldn't mind though if it were a picture of my Fiance and I. Which give me an idea! hahaha. I'll update again soon.

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