Aug 23, 2009

ClicksPayCash Payment Proof

My first payment from ClickPayCash.

If you are not a member yet. Join ClickPayCash now!.
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Aug 18, 2009


So i found a new site from one of my Socints friends and decided to check it out. It sounds pretty promising and I've found that other members have been paid so I'm hoping I get my share soon. I've done about 5 tasks since I've signed up. Now I wish I was in States so that I would be able to do the others! But it's all good. Here's the info I'm sure you'd like to know. And please just click on the banner to join. It will take you to a new page.

1. Employers post jobs and select cost
2. Workers accept jobs and finish tasks
3. Employers get results, Workers get paid

EMPLOYERS (Ask people to help you!)
— Blog about your product
— Post reviews to forums
— Add you to Facebook
— Follow you on Twitter
— Digg your website
— Complete a survey
— and much more...

WORKERS (get paid to help!)
— Browse micro jobs
— Select jobs you like
— Finish tasks & submit proof
— Earn money
$1.50 Sign up bonus
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Aug 16, 2009

Old Sites Re-activated

I've been a member of the following 2 sites for a long time now and back then I would get frequent payments from them, that was around 2-3 years ago so I don't think I have the payment proofs anymore I will try and check with my old earning blog though. If you have doubts you can search them up at Google and you'll find out that they are real legit sites that pay. I've decided to be active in them again =) Go and check them out! I have referrals there but none of them are active anymore so I need some new ones. I'll willing to do a referral exchange so just leave a comment if your interested! No Minimum Payout

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Aug 15, 2009

Pink is Love

Ok nevermind! I LOVVEEE my current header banner! That's my family up there :)

I'm still not satisfied with my blog layout. I like it for now cause it's PINK!!There was one that I liked. It had 4 columns but I was unable to bookmark the page and since my brother's delete the history of our browsers everyday I have to search for it all over again. I'm planning on purchasing a domain name just for this earning blog. But maybe not for now as I currently have 2 domains I'm still managing. I've been googling alot lately trying to find more stuff to add to this blog's sidebars. Most of the links I've signed-up for requires approval before being accepted so I have to wait .. I'm going to put up subpages soon. I just need to sign up for a free hosting somewhere first. I don't want to use my domain's space that's why ..I'm working on the header for now. The graphic of the couple is too cheesy. I wouldn't mind though if it were a picture of my Fiance and I. Which give me an idea! hahaha. I'll update again soon.

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Aug 13, 2009


Yesterday I received an email from Google saying that my adsense account has been disabled. I was appalled cause I knew I didn't do anything against they're rules that's why I've decided to take down all of my goodle ads here and replace them with bidvertiser ads instead. Of course, I did a little research before signing up and I'm happy to find out that they are also a legit paying site. What made me a little happier and excited was that the payout they offer is much lower than at Adsense. And they pay via Paypal too. I'll post a screenshot of Google's email soon. Right now I'm going to start placing the bidvertiser ads on this blog.

Screenshot of Google's email ..
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Aug 11, 2009

1st Payment from Socints

Wow what a lovely morning to have waken up and disovered that I have new funds in my paypal account and it is a payment from Socints, the social networking site that pays you to socialize. I have been there for about 2 weeks only I think and when I redeemed for a reward I didn't expect it to be given so fast. Here is proof of payment. To those who aren't a member of Socints yet, join now! For more information read [this blog entry] that I've written previously when I was advertising it.

Click To view. Socints Payment Proof
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Aug 8, 2009


Hello it's me again ... I just want to advertise my other site that I'm also managing along with my Fiancee Jaytee. However it is NOT a blogsite it's a personal site. The purpose is to keep visitors entertained and we hope for them to enjoy they're stay while they're inside our website. We are offering lots of different stuff in it such as Games, Programs and Free Downloads. We are still working on putting in lots of new content. It is currently on a freeserver but once we have enough money we will be moving into our own personal domain with hosting. I'd like to invite my readers here to take a peep at our site and hopefully you'll be able to leave us some comments before you leave by tagging our guestbook or tagboard. We are also open for link exchanges with other personal websites so do not hesitate to request for one. If you have any other requests on what you would like us to offer there just drop a line at the tagboard so we can work on it the next time we update. Thanks in advanced!

The banner above is made by me so please do not try to jock it! If your in need of a banner to advertise your website or blog I am currently accepting graphic requests at a very low price. Banners such as the one, I'm offering a package of $2.00 for 2x Animated Banners. You are free to tell me how you want it designed and also the width and height of your choice. Once I have my porfolio up I will be putting up a link here to it as well as a link to my Paid Graphics page :)

BTW, here are other links that will also bring you to our personal website. (the default link we use)

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Aug 7, 2009

Today was pretty satisfying ...

Hellooo ...well i'm quite happy with my current layout which i've changed earlier. Because it's PINK!! I think I might change it again when I find a neater and wider 3-column template, i want my blog to cover the entire browser screen or when i'm in the mood i might make my own layout for this blog .. I just finished my job for the day and i'm happy cause they seem to be happy with what i've done so far. it's far beyong being finished but i'm getting there! I have a couple of projects i have yet to get done and that includes my online portfolio where i'll be uploading some of the graphics i've created or pictures i've manipulated using adobe photoshop and psp8. I'm still looking for additional extras to add on my sitebar but i don't know what yet that's why i've been visiting other blogs hoping to get some ideas out of them. I'm also getting very addicted with Socints! I love it there. NOT just because of the points i'm getting but also because i've made a few close friends who are all really nice and interesting. I've just uploaded a picture of me holding up a Socints sign so that i'd get verified but i have to wait a little while for the admin to appove it. To those who aren't yet a member go ahead and join. you'll like it! Join Socints here! - On another note I'm happy because today I've earned $0.55 cents from my google adsense so I have a total of $9.25 in my google earnings at the moment. not bad right for the 1st two weeks... I hope it continues growing!

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Aug 6, 2009

Be social and get paid!

1. How does this site work?
You get points for being Social, and then Redeem them for Rewards
Reawrds include paypal and alertpay cash and also gift prizes.

2. How do I get Points?
- Signing In
- Messaging Friends
- Commenting
- Updating your Status
- Updating your Mood
- Updating your MyLife
- Posting Topics
- Starting Groups
- Starting Polls
- Talking in Chatroom
- Rating
- Telling your Friends about us
- Verifying your Picture
- Buying/Selling Socints
- and many other ways!

I've been a member for about 4 days now I think and I've been able to redeem already. Just think of it like your myspace,friendster or facebook. you get to meet new friends while your at it. it's fun too. check it out and give it a try by clicking on the banner!
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Jul 27, 2009

Get more Traffic!

Need more hits to your websites or blogs? I've joined the following sites a couple of days ago and I'm happy to say that they have been working effectively and they have increased my traffic over at so if your interested try it out for yourselves.

Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange

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Jul 23, 2009

Tweet Tweet!

Are you a member of Twitter and would like to have more followers? Then this site must be just what you is the best way to find a ton of people that want to follow you on twitter! If you refer 15 friends you'll get to be a V.I.P for one day so go check it out.

Also, if you looking to earn from twitter there is also this site called RevTwit where you can earn by posting ads on your twitter account

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Get paid to write!

If your into writing then this would be suitable for you! is paying members to write stories based on the keywords they will provide you. You'll have to come up with a story that contains a minimum of 350 words. Payout is reached once you've reached 10.00 and you may cash it out via paypal or by Cheque if you reside in the UK.

I myself, has been referred by a mylot friend and even before signing up I've done some researcing on google and have read that this site is really legit and i've also seen payment proofs that's why i've joined.

If you plan on joining I would appreciate it if you would put me as your
referrer! My referral code is "WOR:0174".
I wish you all the best with the site and enjoy while doing it!
Be creative upon wrting up your stories =)
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Jul 22, 2009

Hello There!

I'd like to welcome you viewers to my monetizing blog. I made this hoping to earn a little extra income online and would like to share it with those others interested. My point is, since your spending alot of time on the internet, might as well try and make something out of it right? However I'd like to warn you not to expect too much as there are more scams than real paying sites scattered all over the internet. For those who'd like to receive updates from my blog feel free to sign up for my mailing list. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy the blog.
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