Aug 15, 2009

Pink is Love

Ok nevermind! I LOVVEEE my current header banner! That's my family up there :)

I'm still not satisfied with my blog layout. I like it for now cause it's PINK!!There was one that I liked. It had 4 columns but I was unable to bookmark the page and since my brother's delete the history of our browsers everyday I have to search for it all over again. I'm planning on purchasing a domain name just for this earning blog. But maybe not for now as I currently have 2 domains I'm still managing. I've been googling alot lately trying to find more stuff to add to this blog's sidebars. Most of the links I've signed-up for requires approval before being accepted so I have to wait .. I'm going to put up subpages soon. I just need to sign up for a free hosting somewhere first. I don't want to use my domain's space that's why ..I'm working on the header for now. The graphic of the couple is too cheesy. I wouldn't mind though if it were a picture of my Fiance and I. Which give me an idea! hahaha. I'll update again soon.


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